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More on Leaves by Janell Rose
This morning JR came in after taking out the bags for trash pick-up - said Randall (next door neighbor) had 10 bags of leaves along his front median AND he does not have a tree in the yard. Yesterday when I got back from the store - leaves were coming down like it was raining - they are all over the neighbors yards again just as if never raked. I am going to have to do LOTS of Baking and Candy Making for Gifts - along with an apology. JR said he is not supposed to apologize for having trees. JR said, "he likes the leaves all over the ground, he always liked to walk in them." Just wish we could train them to stay home. Now - it has been misting all day after 2 - 3 days of nearly 80. Maybe it will clear some during Christmas and we can put some rakes in the hands of Grandchildren. I have always helped with this leaf raking - with a torn rotator cuff - that does not work so well for me. Need some kind of excuse. Solution may be to start cutting down trees.

Eileen, Catherine (our Caty) and Jaclyn just arrived out front - we are going to put up the Christmas Tree tonight. I just took a Pecan Pie out of the oven as a Thank You for the help. Wonderful to have two Tall Granddaughters - better get to the door. Best Wishes to All. JR and Janell


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