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On again ... off again by Leah Jean
Finally got Daryl to really sit down and take a look at my computer and the prognosis isn't good. He said that it is behaving kind of weird. So we are thinking that some "outside influence" has attacked it. Good grief. He's running a virus scan right now on my machine to see if anything nasty can be found. Needless to say, I'm on Daryl's machine right now.

Having a family reunion in early November sounds good to me too. But it would be best if it was not too close to the Thanksgiving week because airline flights can be such a pain around then. How about 2 weekends before Thanksgiving or 2 weekends after? I can do the flights though anytime. Guess Jeff and I could handle the coordinating again with the Mom and Dad "long distance style"?

Just depends on what everbody is up to. Maybe I will eventually be able to get back onto my computer again so I won't have to keep jumping back and forth between mine and Daryl's computers. That's too much exercise. ;-) [Just kidding!]

Sandra, take care of yourself! Also wishing Nancy good health.



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