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Leaves? by Leah Jean
So Janell, you say you are having trouble with leaves? I just had to chuckle at your msgs. Fortunately our house is on the top of a hill with a lot of open space in front and back. So all it takes is a good wind and our leaves go flying into someone else's lawn or the golf course. I really don't like their flying away though because I like taking the lawn mower and making leaf mulch for the lawn. I was even tempted to tell our new next door neighbors to rake their leaves over onto our lawn so I could mulch them. [It would have also saved them the hassle of putting the leaves into bags.] But I was glad I never did mention anything to them because I later noticed that they had a ton of leaves! I would have worn out our mower and my back on those suckers!

But our trees aren't near as big and thick as the ones across the golf course from us. Those are older properties that retained a lot of the really tall and old forest trees. So the trees create tons of leaves. You can really tell when it is late Fall because some of the house owners hire workers with leaf blowers and trucks to clean out all the leaves on some yards. Aaaah, the sounds of Fall: leaf blowers blaring all day.

I loved it when driving home a few weeks ago and there was a continuous large pile of leaves along one neighbor's front yard ... ready for collection. And collecting leaves in bags? These people don't even think of bothering with bags! :-) Most don't even think of doing all that work themselves either. Can't blame 'em. We're talking truck fulls! But, oh the winds. One day some of those yards are pristine. The next day they have another slight coating of leaves all over from the neighbor yards.

Guess Jr. should have planted a lot of oaks. Those leaves never seem to fall until Spring. That's probably why oak trees are so strong. Their leaves make them more suceptable to the buffering of winter winds and the collection of snow and ice. So then you just get to worry about those trees when the winter weather turns bad. You just can't win. :-(

I'm just gonna leave leaves alone for now.



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