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"I'll be Home for Christmas" by Sandra
Songs are like the smell of certain foods, they conjure memories of times and places past. For me, no time during the year are memories so profound by the scents and sounds as at Christmas.

Yesterday as I decorated the tree I listened to carols. Memories flood back with any rendition of "I'll be Home for Christmas". Something stirs in the pit of my stomach as I remember all those times, all the warmth, the laughter and the true joy of being together. Does not the struggle by so many people to be "home", come blizzards or whatever, more or less prove that we are all connected by sentiments (or scentiments) of Christmas? No matter how elaborate or how simple our Christmases past were, the remembering weighs heavy in carrying on the tradition; and we're willing to go through hell or high water to make it happen.

As one of the youngest in the family, I wish you could know how it felt to anticipate your arrival for Christmas. As we scurried (and sometimes grumbled) we counted moments, and not until every last one was there was it complete. Dad always seemed to be thrilled to go get the tree. Though sometimes it looked like the "orphan" of the forest, with a little snipping here and there and a few lights and ornaments it was perfect, or we thought so. Patricia and I may not have agreed on how to place tinsel on the tree, but that's a memory I cherish. Just don't believe her version! :) It was all magic!

You're all in my thoughts. As I celebrate Christmas with my little brood, I'll draw from my memories of you and the loved ones we are missing today......and "I'll be Home for Christmas".

My love always,


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