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James' NY Trip by Stacia
Apparently James posted on his NY trip, and I was so excited to read all about it. However, after I deleted all of the spam on here and selected it to read, I didn't realized I was still in delete mode, so I accidentally sent it into oblivion. Oops.

Anyway, I spoke with him. He spent all day on the beach and seems to be a little pink tonight - said he wasn't sure who was more rubied - he or the lobsters they cooked for dinner. He did complain about how hot it was today - any one else out there in 100+ heat feeling the pain of a man at the ocean right now??? :)

I also spoke with Mom a few minutes tonight - she was plum worn out from her visit with Patricia today. I can only imagine the two of them shared laughter that was more of a workout than Mom has had in a few days. She sure enjoyed your visit, Aunt Pat!

I worked all day at the hospital, and am now convinced that I must have the magnetic personality that draws out the total nut-jobs. (I actually had to go difuse a situation involving a woman, her cane and two wound up security guards. Sigh.) Last week, a "Bubba" called to complain and used the phrase, "I am gonna come up there and whoop some ***, and I am a big ol' boy." While I was quite tickled after that conversation, I still kept a watchful eye out for Hercules in Overalls the rest of the shift. :)

I hope you all are well - and staying cool. Love you all to pieces and appreciate you too!



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