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Beautiful Day by Janell Rose
Posted by Janell Rose ( on November 07, 2004 at 17:22:28:

Dear, Dear Judy, Yes - we are all lonely but it was so good to see your message and prompt me to write. I keep looking also, Bless Leah for being so faithful and Yes, I do really enjoy her Notes. My goodness what a Storm they had and that car pile-up. I hope that weather stays away from our area until after Thanksgiving - we are going to be all alone for Thanksgiving except have the Hensy's 2 dogs while they are away in Colorado. Carolyn and John are off to their bi-annual excursion also. So - it will be very lonely. (Everyone will be here for Christmas) I think I am going to try and find a place to make a reservation for Dinner. I will prepare a few things - but to cook for two people a big Turkey and all the trimmings is just a little ridiculous. I had planned on having some Sr. Citizens but there is absolutely no way. It is a good thing we won't have company this year and I feel almost like crying when I say that because I love the Holiday's, Family and Friends together. Jr. and I are in a really big mess. We have over 40 boxes in the Dining Room, all 3 Guest Bedrooms, Den (even a few in our bedroom) and the Garage is loaded. As you know we had to move because the Antique Mall where we were the past 7 1/2 years closed as owners retired to the country. We moved to Grapevine on Main Street and it was really great - business quite good - 6 weeks after moving in - we got a call the store had sold and we had to be out first week of Nov. I have packed until ready to drop literally. Had to take off Tue. to vote and go get 2 Cortisone Shots in right foot. Has been a terrible job. I am going to "Tia's" Rest. in about an hour for a Dealer Meeting as they are planning on opening a new store and we hope to be in for Dec. 1 Grand Opening. Frankly, I'm ready to just sit until after Thanksgiving, prop my feet on all these boxes. So - this is the reason you have not heard from us. You really don't want to hear this stuff!

OK - the election is over - some of our family is Happy - Other's Not. More Not. What a fiasco - so glad it is over - but concerned about the future as we all are.

Really miss seeing everyone - I hope we will get together soon. Jr. and I planned on going to Tyler to visit Bill and Mary in October and maybe drive over to edge of AR but not been able to do so because of getting all this stuff out of the Mall. Maybe - can make a trip before Thanksgiving. I told Jr. I just want to "run-a-way" from all this Mess - So distressing to live in a warehouse. Jr. said I could go to Canada with the rest of the Unhappy Voters. Sounds like him doesn't it. Love to All, Jr. and Janell


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