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Traveling Man by Janell Rose
Congratulations James, new job sounds wonderful. Were the skaters on the Ice Rink? I went to NY one year in mid-Dec. to visit Corp. Office of "Toys R Us." After dinner one evening, the Corp. Sales Manager took us to see the Christmas tree and the skaters - it was beautiful. We saw the Twin Towers that evening -never could have dreamed they would one day be gone.
I hope your travels will bring you to Dallas area and you will stop in and visit us. We would not be able to compete with the Ritzy Places you are staying - but would love to see you. James, you may have to take up Golf. It seems to be a top PR Tool in the business world. The RCA Sales Force always found an excuse for Golfing. Again - Congratulations on the new job - sound like you have it all going for you. New Bride, New Job. Jim & Sandy sure have a lot to be happy and proud - not to mention that Darling little ZoE. She is such a DOLL.

Hope everyone in OK has thawed out. JR and I were so cold with a week of rain and ice - we did not know Jim, Sandy, James, Linda and Kathryn were really roughing it without any power. Goodness, we feel for you. I had been talking to my StepMother in Tahlequah every single day - she never had any problems and we did not realize it was so bad in your area until the 20th when they showed a picture taken in Pryor on the front page of Dallas Morning News. It was beautiful but we sure felt for you and so sorry for your inconvenience. Everyone take care and try to stay warm.


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