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Update by Janell Rose
Please, someone give us an Update on Sandra and Nancy. Of course both are in our prayers. Sandra appeared to have such a good trip to Dallas last week - we are praying her week has gone well. I want so badly to call - but concerned might disturb her resting. So PLEASE let us know.
I don't think I need to tell anyone - it is HOT and DRY in Irving, still no rain - we keep thinking we will get "Something" from the Hurricane. NOTHING. Was 107 Monday. All we are doing is hibernating - will be sooooo glad to see Fall. We have an old pipe awning frame and tarp that we used a few years ago - JR got it out of the Barn attic Monday morn. and set up on our back deck next to the house. Anything to cut that blaring Sun. Andy gets to the edge of the shade from the trees and barks, when we open the door he runs as fast as he can with his little feet across that hot deck. I told Jr he should pick him up and carry him - you know what JR said, "I am trying to make him a Sissy Dog." Keep Cool, Love, Jr and Janell


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