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Muddling Along! by Sandra
Well, Dear Ones, if you insist....

I don't want this board to be about me, because I come here looking for things to relish and enjoy about YOU. However, it is less taxing for me right now to put a brief note here to all of you, until my energy level is such that I can respond to your emails individually. And, OH, your cards and well wishes I can never repay to my total satisfaction.

Our trip last week to Dallas went smoothly. My fondest hope is that any successive treatments will go so well. Fortunately any reactions to the chemo were at bay until we were able to get back home. I've had a few days that weren't so pleasant, but I don't want to dignify them. I much prefer the "pretty things".

I must thank Janell and Junior for their wonderful hospitality. I'm so glad they are there and we can see them when we go down. What better way to spend our "waiting" time than with family? Jim and I enjoyed dinner with them both Monday and Tuesday nights. Too, it was extra special to be joined by Eileen and her bright-eyed daughter, Jaclyn. I got the pleasure of recognizing how much Jaclyn has the same twinkle in her eye as her grandad. I'm not sure they are aware of that. :) They shared with us the DVD that Eileen and Jaclyn made in honor of Janell's and Junior's 50th wedding anniversary. Wish that all of you could see it. Though really sweet all the memories it brought forward, it wasn't without tears. How nice it would be to live it all again, but we can't be greedy.

Shari, it was so nice seeing your note and I thank you so much for your thoughts. Would love to see more from you and Randy. A "Hi" lets us know you are there, as we think of you so often. You're never far away.

Mary Francis, welcome to our "world". :) We're all glad that you come here and want you to write freely. The sentiments you expressed are reciprocated. We didn't have the benefit of knowing one another intimately throughout our lives, but I think your Dad and our Mother did a superb job with reflections through their eyes. I was pleasantly surprised to receive your cards, and I so appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Today is a good day and I have much to do this afternoon. I haven't managed to teach Jim how to do the ironing, but I'm not complaining. Poor guy has been jumping through hoops trying to find food I will eat. We're going to have to move our boundary to another town close by because we've utilized all the restaurants here already. My cravings and my sensitivities to smells and tastes have totally wiped out any sensible diet. An opportunity of a lifetime to eat any and all I want and nothing much sounds is criminal.

Before I sign off, I spoke with Sybil yesterday and learned that Nancy is now home and managing on her own. Apparently she refused rehab and wanted to go home. The kids all moved back to Durham on Tuesday. Nick will be a senior at Duke, Thomas in highschool and Margaret plans to attend Junior College.

Time for my Pico De Gallo. Yes, I've perfected my recipe and it's my "craving du jour" this week.

Love you all so very much and I send you all my gratitude,



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