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The little things by Leah Jean
Sometimes, you just have to lean back in a comfortable chair and contemplate the little things in life.

Like the little house guest we acquired just around Xmas time. I was rummaging around in our pantry when I noticed some little brown "pieces of rice" on one of the shelves. Oooooh nooooo! Now I knew why one of my cats had been really concentrating on one of the cabinets next to the pantry a few days before. [Cats are kinda funny that way.] But Daryl and I had noticed a funny smell in the garage lately so I was hoping for a stiff mouse. So with a glass 1/2 full I proceeded to take everything off the two desecrated shelves and thoroughly cleaned them. In the process of removing the food items I found that the little monster had found my rather large box of individually wrapped snack crackers and chewed a peanut butter one open. Ewwwwwwww! The 1/2 full box hit the trash bucket.

But a few days later, I sadly realized that the glass was 1/2 empty. More mousey brown rice appeared. Rats! (No pun intended.) ;-) So the Gadget Guru turned exterminator ... again ... [they'd had problems in their office too] and brought out the artillery. He baited the trap with peanut butter and we awaited a small execution with "baited breath". [Okay, its a Shakespeare line and I really don't know what it is supposed to mean. But it sounds cool.] And we were rewarded by the next day.

Well, I really shouldn't give my hubby too high of praises here though because I was the one that did the hard part: clean ALL the shelves this time. Because our uninvited guest had very obviously traversed most of the shelves. Oh well. It was time for the pantry to get a major overhaul anyway. So guess what I did over Xmas vacation time?

Oh, and about those funny smells in the garage. Daryl and I had also noticed a smell of gasoline for several days. But we couldn't figure out why. A few weeks later I was packing up the corrigated cardboard I'd stored in the garage for recycling. Well, a few of the pieces had big spots on them. And they smelled like gasoline! Ah, ha! I looked up and ... sure enough ... there was a weed whacker on a hook. Apparently I had shifted a ladder that was leaning up against the offending device causing the wacky whacker to rotate on its hook. So it leaked. Geez, I felt sooooo relieved to figure that out! We had been just a little worried about that.

Something a little more on the lighter side. Do you know how to make mowing the yard more fun? If any orange, lemon, grapefruit, etc. type of rines make an appearance on your kitchen cabinet, don't just throw them away! Cut them up some and cast them out into the yard. So the next time someone mows the grass, a wonderful scent of citrus will rise up after the mower has passed over them. I thought it was pretty funny and found it very refreshing! What do they call it? Aromatherapy? Anyway, it was a fun little surprise.

A couple of weeks ago I got really ambitious on the internet and went on a mission to find an older film I'd been wanting to resee for ages. This film was where I'd first gone ga-ga over the guy who is now the latest Bond: Daniel Craig. [Does kind of make me wonder how many years old Mr. Craig is though.] I'd seen the show on PBS's Mystery so it was a BBC thingee. Now that Mr. Craig is quite the item though I had no trouble tracing him back to "The Ice House". And I actually found it for sale! Certainly not cheaply, but I didn't care! Ye ha!

Well, I got the movie and ... [I'm gonna break that stupid 1/2 empty glass] ... it was a VHS tape!!! Oooooooh noooooooo! [Snif.] But Gadget Guru came to the rescue. Fortunately we still had an old tape player in the house and he plugged it into his computer somehow and down-loaded each of the 2 VHS tapes onto his computer. Apparently just one tape ate up a lot of his computer's memory and it took several hours to do it. Then he changed the format over to DVD, edited the film (added menus, etc. to make it act like a commercial DVD), and finally burned off (copied the changed movie over to) two new disks for me. It took the better part of two days to do it all! And the copy, while not of the usual DVD quality, was quite [extremely] satisfactory. Ooooh, and did I just love watching that story again! First rate story, characters, and acting! Aaaand some serious chemistry between Daniels and one of the leading actresses. ;-) Needless to say Daryl earned my deepest gratitude and love that week. Xmas was a little late, but very well received.

But what to do with the VHS tapes? I would really hate to just give it away. But my sister just happened to call. I mentioned that I had bought her a few DVDs she'd wanted ... and she made it perfectly clear to me that she wanted them sent to her soon! [Desperately in need of good entertainment.] So I thought to offer her the VHS tapes too ... "ah, you do still have the tape player, don't you?" She said, "Yes". So I am now more than happy to send these precious but no-longer-usable tapes to Cindy.

Aaaaaaaaah. The little things in life. What joy they can bring. As long as they ain't furry.



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