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New York by Julie V
James, I could've met you for lunch in NYC! I flew in to LaGuardia on the 25th last week and met John for the weekend. I actually bought a ticket to the wrong airport, in fact, the wrong state (I was supposed to meet John at Newark) but that's a different story. NYC is my favorite city to visit but would not want to live there. And Jan is not a fun month, it was stinking cold. I bought a good warm hat and didn't have to fix my hair the whole time. Too cold to walk much so we used the subway system extensively, spent a little time counting rats waiting for trains. But what an exhilarating place to be, and the food...Indian, Italian, Vietnamese, oh my hips.
Congratulations on the job, sounds wonderful. My John has been traveling for years and never seems to get tired of it.

This Thursday is Judgement Day for John Wes. We may not hear anything until next Sunday as their weekend falls on Fri and Sat. Keep your fingers crossed. We are as nervous as a bunch of long-tailed cats.


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