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Mary Rose by Wes
Dear Mary, your "Hooray" note carries a message that is much deeper than the size of your note would indicate. The sincerity and imbedded message you have shared is so genuine and "right on target". We all have problems of some sort but the stoicism that Sandy displays is so indicative of the qualities that can be so easily found in all the Rose family----pretty tough critters! Her choices can be an inspiration to all of us and my hat is certainly off to her! We all love her so dearly and will continue to pray for her each and every day because we must NEVER forget that miracles happen EVERY DAY. It is people like Sandy (and Mary Rose) that make the rest of us so proud to be a member of this family. I am so honored to be a member of a family that displays the genuine "goodness" that can be found in each and every member! God bless you, Sandy and the rest of the wonderful people that make up the "Rose Clan". (sorry for the LONG note!)


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