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Reply: Julie (Rose) by Leah Jean
Julie, I have no problem with a few weeks after Thanksgiving. Whatever the rest of you decide is themost convenient date ... I can manage. The nice thing about my job is that we are pretty flexible on taking vacations.

Daryl and I finally did a little bit more than usual for my birthday. Okay ... it still involved golf. But he took me to a very nice (not cheap) golf course that looked out over the Chesapeake Bay. It had a lot of little gardens all over the place, lots of tall trees and the crepe myrtles were in bloom, and a few wonderful views of the Bay. It was quite gorgeous. Fortunately almost all of the golf courses in Maryland are looking good this year since we've had some good rain all year. [Sorry to mention that since all you folks out in Oklahoma and Texas are not having a good year with the weather.]

All was going well and I was getting used to the slightly warmer weather ... until about the 7th hole. [Sigh.] Then this ... ahem ... older gentleman (playing by himself) caught up with us and decided to join us since we had some slower foursomes in front of us. You know there are those people who just have to tell you how to do everything? Well, he was definitely one of them. Well meaning, but a royal pain in the tush! It was pretty easy to tell from the way he talked that he was pretty opinionated. Then he started trying to make suggestions. After a few holes together he suggested that I come over to where he was standing so he could show me how to line up a putt. Huh? I begged off saying that I was only out for fun and didn't really care about being perfect. But there is one rule that he broke a few times. Daryl hit one of his putts to within 1 1/2 feet of the cup. This guy reached down and picked his ball up and tossed it to him saying that it was close enough! I was just flabbergasted! Even people who have been golfing with Daryl for ages would never do such a thing unless asking Daryl's permission or Daryl said something first. Well, the twit kept getting on mine and Daryl's nerves until I couldn't take it any longer and Daryl was getting pretty annoyed. [He'd also been giving Daryl advise periodically.] When the twit started trying to give me instructions again I just flat out told him NOT to be giving me any more instructions and that my husband was already pretty pissed off! When Daryl and I were walking back to the cart Daryl was looking at me with very wide eyes and a big grin on his face. He just couldn't believe that I said that to the guy! [Of course, he loved that I'd done it because he was too polite to.] I told him that nobody was going to ruin MY birthday! Well that shut up our partner for awhile anyway. But when we were getting ready to leave ... after having vehemently yet politely refused an offer of a beer from our partner ... we were getting ready to go at the car. Daryl went in to use the restroom. He came back out with those big eyes again saying, "Guess who I ran into in the club house?" And the twit was still trying to give him more advise! I got assurances from Daryl that the guy had left the building before I went in to use the restroom.

Well. At least it made for a good golf tale later to the fellow golfers at work. [Sigh.]



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