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Janell's story by Judy Tankersley
That was a beautiful story, Janell. Thanks for sharing it with us. We all need a few reminders of our selfishness in this "American Way Society". I hope everything goes well with you and Brother Junior down in Texas (aand the rest of your family). We live the least possible exciting life here in Tulsa and like it that way. We are too old to travel beyond Tulsa, so the most exciting thing I do is work in my back yard. I still love that and there is plenty to keep me very busy. Hank no longer golfs but he keeps busy shopping and keeping the lawn mowed. Our social life is with our church which can be a full time job if you let it become that...we don't.
Now, its your turn to write a note if you are a part of this big family. It is so nice to read your notes. It would be so exciting to hear from all of you, so give it a try. My love, Judy T.


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