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Dearest Judy by Janell Rose
Judy, so great to hear from you - you talk about that story, of course, I did not write, received from a Dear Friend and I feel I need it most of all.

I love to read your notes _ JR and I would so love to sit down and visit with you and Hank. We plan on coming to OK when the weather gets cooler in the Fall. You can hardly budge JR in this hot weather. Our last rain was Memorial Weekend and we are feeling parched. I had to go to the bank Yesterday Morn - drove in at the drive-in window under a covered awning. While I was waiting, I could not believe it - started raining. What a wonderful feeling to see it bouncing off the concrete. Then - by the time I drove out from under the awning - it had stopped. It did not even rain 3 - 4 minutes. So disappointing. JR has been pouring the water to our slab foundation - otherwise we have real problems with the house. Most of the houses around us have had expensive foundation work. We had to repair ceiling cracks about 3 years ago and don't want to go through that again.

Judy, I remember how Dear it was to visit your wonderful family when we were in Tulsa and I will never forget your coming to visit when JR and I were first married. You brought us an Ironing Board for a Wedding Present. I used that Ironing Board for over 30 years until had to replace. Two Ironing Boards in 50 years is pretty good.

Enjoy your yard, we always love to look at your beautiful yard. JR pulled up his tomatoes in June - went to WalMart last month and bought over a dozen small Hibiscus that were on Sale, also 5 hanging baskets that he has waiting on the ground under a tree. He is waiting for cooler weather to hang them. This Rose Family has the magic touch when it comes to gardening.

Love to all, JR and Janell


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