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It's a GOOD DAY! by Sandra
WOW! Seventy Seven degrees this time of year at 11:00 AM is a beautiful day in Oklahoma, and I shall savor it while it lasts. It has been a while since I had the doors and windows open, and right now it is nice to hear only the birds and not the AC humming.

Leah Jean, thanks for the hearty laugh! I particularly liked the part where the "older gentleman" picked up the golf ball and said "close enough". How I would have loved to see the looks on your faces. Suppose that guy taught Tiger? It is a great story, and isn't it worth the cost of golf fees?

Janell, I can beat your ironing board tale! My ironing board has accompanied me for 45 years. I well remember the day that Mary took Patricia and I shopping in Des Moines for accoutrements in our first apartment we shared there the summer of '63. It cost me all of $6, it wobbles a bit, but has become another apendage after all these years. Those were the days though! Patricia and I had only $10 to allow for our first groceries, and we had two big bags to carry for blocks back to our apartment. We did forget to buy salt! I think Mary must have given us some salt, or we did without until Patricia's first payday. We had gotten a beef roast but neither of us knew how to cook one. Mary was out of town and we had no one to call, so I just dialed a number at random. Some dear lady breathlessly answered the phone and said "Honey, can you call me later? Right now I'm helping move a piano upstairs". I failed to ask what her phone number was.

Yesterday Stacia and ZoE came out for the afternoon. What delight to see that child! We rambled Wal-Mart, my first time to do so in two months. That place is tiring! We spent time in the cat supply department.........Why?

Saturday James came over to pick up their cat, Edward, after our keeping him for almost four weeks. I greeted James at the door and he promptly said, "Mom, meet Riley and Randall". In a carrier he had two young kitties, which he had taken out on loan and for approval from one of the animal aid groups in Tulsa. After a few hours with those "little tigers", what was I to do? Well, I didn't have the heart to reject them and we'll be getting them this week-end. Their new names are Oliver and Bentley, and they are so cute!!! I hope I still think that next week!

Today I feel great, but I continue to feel so overwhelmed by all the love and support. I'll carry it with me as I return to Dallas next week for the second round and will go with an expectation of smooth sailing.

Eileen, your Caty will do you proud. Don't be sad when she goes, just be so proud and bask in the glow of knowing that no matter how distant your girls may be someday there hearts remain at home. I would tell her to beware of those Bentons!! I jest, of course. They're great cousins and it's nice that they will have contact.

OK, time to get up and move. Take care of your precious selves.

All my love,


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