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Subject? Misc. trash by Leah Jean
Posted by Leah Jean ( on November 07, 2004 at 19:49:08:

Hey Mom, don't despair. Some of us are still out here. But we are just dealing with some weird kind of stuff lately.

Daryl went out and bought a golfing net that is for indoor practise. Okay, it fits well in the basement and Daryl can now practise with most of his golf clubs. And he has a mat for the balls so he doesn't scuff up the carpeting. And so far he hasn't miss-hit a ball and put a dent in a wall or ceiling. Sigh. And he was using the digital camera to take pictures of his swing so he could figure out what didn't look right. [I found out that it was working because I came up behind him once and gave him a big hug and generally tried to annoy him only to find out that he was filming at the time. Oops.] :-) But Daryl isn't happy with what he has set up now because he can't practise swinging his biggest clubs which are drivers (the longest clubs with the big heads used for smacking balls long distances). Sooooo now he wants to move the whole setup upstairs into our living room which has a ceiling that is a few inches taller so he can use his drivers! Good grief. Since we don't really use our living room I sighed and said okay. Anything was better than moving it out into the garage where he'd have to periodically move his car out (it certainly wasn't going to be mine) so he could set up the net and practise. Geez, what some people will do for their sports. But I told him that we'd have to sell the piano otherwise there wouldn't be enough room. So we took pictures today and we are going to try to sell the piano on E-Bay. At least Daryl has sold a other items thru E-Bay and it may be worth the effort. But pianos are hard to sell from what he can tell. Eh, its at least worth trying.

And speaking of E-Bay, Jannell I will try to answer your question you put out some time ago, and yet I will not really answer your question. You were asking about Spy mail. Well, first I had to remember to get Daryl in the computer room at the same time as me to show him your question. That took a while in itself. Then he had to explain to me what Spy mail is. Yes, I used to be a computer programmer but I am not very knowledgeable about web lingo. Then Daryl pointed out to me that I had already been a victim of Spy mail. Remember when I reported that my computer had been compromised during summer? Well, apparently I had picked up one of those little monsters while rummaging through some computer gamer sites (looking for game playing hints). The Spyware started causing certain things to happen on my computer; I noticed some things were running a little slower and later my hubby, after I complained to him, noticed extra ads popping up on my Internet Explorer browser. It really is kind of scary when you don't even realize that it is on your computer. Makes me want to have one computer that is a stand-alone and not connected to the web on which I can keep my more important info. But having Daryl around makes me feel somewhat secure. We now have some of the more powerful security software on our computer systems. In fact it automatically logs on to its website and checks for software updates each day when I bring up the computer. Of course, I find this a little annoying because it can mess up some of my more complicated programs if also running at the time. So I play simple games until the software goes thru its update check. But I can certainly live with this "pain" as opposed to getting another stupid bug on my system! So to tell the truth, you do take a risk everytime you get on a computer hooked up to the web. The most you can do is just read up on what the symptoms of viruses, etc. can be and what you can do if you suspect one. It also might be recommended that you do periodic backups if you keep vital business info on your computer. But most important, get some security software onto your system that will check for viruses and warn you if something looks suspicious. At least it sounds like you are doing the right thing by reading what you can in you Consumer's Report (such a good mag!).

And speaking of things as Consumer's Report, watch out if you ever buy a side-load washer. And be leery of Maytag! We got a side-loader washer that is soooo bad that a class action suit has been initiated against it. First, the computer board in it is faulty. Ours went out and the repairman said he'd have to replace the motor and the board because the old ones couldn't interact with the new ones. And he knew there were problems with the board because Maytag had told him to not tell the customers this. But he said that he could do a "sneaky" for us. He'd report that it was the motor that went out which was cheaper to fix. That way, he'd replace the motor and the circuit board for less. He was such an honest sweetie! So with this class action suit thing now, we may get partially reimbursed for the repair. But also ... I noticed that the class action suit said something about mildew problems. Well, I had been noticing a smell. So I opened the washer and rotated the tub (remember this is a side-loader). And guess what? There must have been about a cup of water in the bottom of the tub, hidden outside the clothes holding part! No wonder the stupid !@#$ washer was smelling! It is a mildew factory! So now we have to put something like Clorox in the machine and run it once before running any clothes in it. Geez, and we bought the stupid thing because it is supposed to save water. What a piece of junk! Now, if you run the machine everyday, it would not be a problem. But our machine can sit for a week or 2 at a time. And you all know that mildew is really nasty stuff. Personally I should look into getting rid of the stupid thing or see if it can be fixed.

And on that happy note, I will sign off. :-(


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