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Hummingbirds & Watermelon by Janell Rose
Fall can not be far behind when we start seeing Hummingbirds - they always start arriving at our house about Mid-August. I love to watch them darting among the Turk's Caps - and the Trumpet Vine Jr. planted along the back fence. They dip from flower to flower all along the fence. Once when I sat on a bench in front of the Gift Shop at the Will Rogers Memorial in Colorado - there were absolute dozens buzzing all around the feeders above my head. I could have reached up and touched them, never knew they could make so much noice - an experience to never forget. They are one of my favorite little birds.

As for the Watermelon - Jr has eaten 4 - 5 this summer and he never buys until they start getting "cheaper." He bought a huge one yesterday that would hardly go in the refrig. he has already eaten nearly half. Time to get out the mop again or we will be sticking to the floor in front of the kitchen cabinets.

We feel so blessed with cooler temps. JR said we only received 1 & 4/100ths of an inch of rain. There were big rains around us and some flooding. Even the small amount we received helped as it stayed overcast for 3 - 4 days and temps dropped into the high 80's and low 90's. Even turned off the A/C a couple nights and opened the windows.

Our thoughts are with Sandra and Phil and pray that they are having a good week. JR and I so appreciated seeing Jim and Sandra this past week and just wish it were under different circumstances. King Tut Exhibit starts Oct. 3 to May at Dallas Museum of Art - hopefully, Sandra will feel like going on one of her trips to Dallas. Doing some sewing for Caty and Jaclyn - so better get back to it. Love to all this wonderful family. Jr and Janell


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