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Checkin' In by Sandra
Hi Everyone,

Almost rested from another trip to Dallas. This is really tiring, seems like we've done it for months already. *sigh*

Janell, it rained cats and dogs on us from Dallas Wednesday. I was so hopeful you were getting that rain, too. We didn't welcome it! You see, our car broke down in the middle of it all just south of Atoka. We pulled off to the side of the road, a fruitstand and a ditch full of water on the passenger side and semi after semi whizzing by on the driver's side. Fortunately, the fellow who had the fruitstand contacted a good wrecker service for us, and after waiting for about an hour for them to unload a wreck that we had passed down the pike, we were on our way. Four hours riding in a wrecker do take a toll!....on the pocket book, too. Oh well, sometimes it just rains. Our car will probably be in the shop for a while having serious engine surgery.

I feel okay. So far, no nausea this time, but I knock wood. I would love to defy having "chemo-brain", but I guess it's inevitable. Just don't hold ME responsible for all the things I forget or fail to do. :)

Today, ZoE and the clan will be out to see us. Yesterday was ZoE's second birthday, and I'm so glad I get to see her today. She is yakking up a storm (just like her Mom did). But then, Stacia didn't fall far from the tree, did she?

Please everyone remember Phil Benton in your prayers and thoughts next week (August 26) and wish him a successful surgery to repair the aneurysm he has contended with for some time. Phil, we're thinking of you and sending good vibes. We love you dearly, and please be safe!

Good thoughts to everyone, and take care of your wonderful selves.



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