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Thanks by Julie V
Thank you so for the messages, prayers, calls, and thoughts; John Wesley will be thrilled some day to know the support you have shown him through this ordeal and the encouragement you have given Mom and the rest of us.
Dear Sandra offered her letter writing capabilities and as we figure out the best ways to approach this we may ask any of you that have the time to write a few words on John's behalf. I will post addresses, fax #, etc. or please send them to us and we will get them in the right hands. This, of course, is unfamilar territory and we plan to proceed with extreme caution--we appreciate any and all words of wisdom, advice, fears; don't hesitate to put your 2 cents in to help us see the big picture. At this time we are thinking we need to keep the story away from the media and concentrate our effort on reaching powerful people in Washington and government officials and the Emir in Qatar. I am also going to present the case to Amnesty International and get their advice. We have given word to the attorneys to start the appeal process. Hopefully in a few days we will find out exactly what the charges are that John was found gulty of. Thanks again, we love you, and as John Wesley always said when the going was tough, "Let's keep the Faith"


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