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Good day by Stacia
Zoe and I spent the majority of the day with Mom and really had a great time. We took her on a couple of errands, and she bought Zoe three new goldfish to bring home. She got so excited about them that she bought 3 for herself! In addition, we bought new cat toys for her little Oliver and Bentley, and Zoe spent the rest of the afternoon helping Nanzy put them together (and then trying to coax the little guys out to play in them!) This, of course, was after the ice cream Mom provided to us for snack.

If Mom is going to buy us pets and frozen treats on every visit, my husband is going to have to learn out to live with a very chubby Dr. Doolittle as a wife! Hee, hee!

Thanks, Mom, for such a great day - so, so glad you were feeling better! Love you mucho!!!

We, too, are thinking of Phil - I believe Mom heard from Janell and that his surgery went well without complications. I hope his recovery is speedy!

Love to all!


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