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Keeping my Faith by Sandra
Hello Dear Ones,

Hope all is well with everyone and you can stay high and dry this week-end, especially the Lone Star Staters! Do take care down there!

Phil, I'm so delighted that all went well with your aneurysm procedure. I continue to have you in my thoughts and prayers, sweet Nephew!

Wednesday we returned from another trip to Dallas. Stacia and ZoE drove me down this time and we stayed with Janell and Junior. Had a fantastic time visiting with the Roses. They have more energy!!! Oops, maybe I spoke too fast. They are surely recouping from a day of keeping ZoE by themselves. ZoE was quite impressed with Aunt Nell and Uncle Junior, and especially Andy, the dog. Thank you, thank you so much Janell and Junior. Seeing you makes the trip much more pleasurable.

Stacia and I couldn't pass up the Allen, Texas Outlet Mall on our way back home, but I think Todd and Jim were a little concerned when every time we called that afternoon we were "still at the mall". We made it home that night at 11:30. Shopping is good medicine, I think, because I've felt really good so far. :)

My treatment: I've been having lab work and CT Scans here which are then faxed to Dallas. Tuesday I learned the results of the CT's done in Tulsa last week. My doctor in Dallas was very pleased with those results. There has been significant reduction of fluids in areas where there was concern, which is a very good thing. Also, a lesion on the liver is not entirely visible any longer. I'm cautiously optimistic and pray that improvement continues. For good results, I'll gladly have a few bad headaches and lose my lunch a few times. With this trial, perhaps my experience will help others down the road....I hope so.

Thanks for all the wonderful thoughts, prayers, good vibes, cards, encouragement and, oh gee, just too much to mention, but I'm so very grateful for every little thing. I wouldn't mind at all if you continue whatever you are doing on my behalf, because I know He's hearing.

Thank you, thank you! I love you one and all so, so much. God bless!



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