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Blessings by Janell Rose
All of our family must feel so blessed that prayers have been answered for Phil and Sandra.
We will continue with a Thank You to our Heavenly Father for answering prayers and keeping all in his care.

You could see Sandy's concern about her scans before she went for her treatment on Tuesday When she called mid-day with the good news - there was excitement in her voice and no way I could keep back the tears. Her wonderful news fills our heart and seeing her peaceful joy and renewal of strength when she returned from her treatment was such a blessing. We truly know God is answering prayers and will continue to carry them in his arms like that favorite piece of prose - Footprints.

Jr and I were truly at a loss when Stacia and Sandra packed up Zoe and left on Wednesday morning. In a couple hours Jr said it was "really too quiet around here" and we went out to Half-Price Books. Even Andy seemed to be in a funk. There is nothing like a little two year old to "liven up old bones." We really had a blast and hope Zoe comes back to visit soon. She is so darling and SO intelligent. You show her something once and "she's got it." We played dolls, colored, stood up dominoes, took a walk with Andy - sang the ABC Song over and over and over. She has got quite a rhythm with her singing. JR and I walked down the block with Zoe and Andy. Zoe and I stopped to say "Hi" to our friend. Jr and Andy went on around the block. I was afraid Zoe could not walk that far - but I think it was really me instead of Zoe. We stayed on the porch as our friend has 3 big cats and I didn't know how friendly they would be to a little one. Rosemary is a retired History Teacher - somewhere close to 90, (I don't ask her age.) Zoe performed for her. Rosemary is still talking about Zoe. It was such fun to see her bent over listening to Zoe's every little quite sound of the alphabet song. (she sang a little quieter for a stranger) Rosemary said she is so smart and so cute - she is going to grow up to be a beauty. I think she is already a beauty with those big blue eyes. This was only the 2nd time we have seen her and she sure has our heart and can come back to Irving anytime.

Stacia, we did enjoy having You and Sandra as well......even tho Zoe stole the show. Seriously - We want you all to come back every 3 weeks and hopefully in the future - you will simply be able to come for a visit and not for a Medical appointment. We are really enjoying your visits - but want them to be simply for enjoyment. In fact - if it would not be too far - we are open for a Family Reunion. Think about it.

Of course we have been glued to TV yest. and today with Hurricane IKE and you will not believe we have not gotten even an inch of rain - it all went around Irving. The last thing we want is rain at the expense of all that tragedy - I could not go to sleep last night for thinking of the people at Galveston (and it has spread through Houston, Beaumont and other areas.) We have been to Galveston several times - first with our Girls, just JR and I, then I went on a Business Trip one time for a meeting at Galveston and on the way picked up Carolyn and Zachary at College Station (when he was 2.) We had a great time on the Strand and the beach with Zach. It was hard to think that the History of Galveston - all those wonderful old homes, the Bishop's Palace and the residents could be so severely affected. Of course - like everyone else we are ready for Hurricane Season to be over - but afraid that the affects are going to be felt across the US AND not something that either Obama or McCain (not even Sarah) can fix. I won't start on Politics. We do see from the news that IKE is headed for Little Rock and think of all our Dear Family in AR and thinking of Caty. Eileen said she is calling Caty and telling her to stay on campus. We pray all will be safe and not a lot of flooding. Blessings and Love to all this wonderful family. JR and Janell


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