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Thanx! by Leah Jean
Thanx so much for the compliment, Janell! It is always nice to be appreciated! But me, a real writer? Nah. I don't have the self-discipline. Plus I've seen a few movies that show what writers have to go through to get published and get on the best sellers' lists. Ugh. Can you see me at book signings or reading excerpts from "my" book at a bookstore? Thinking about such things reminds me of a favorite saying I read years ago (out of a Science Fiction book of all things): "Poets who read their own works in public may have other bad habits." I still grin about that saying.

The worst thing about even trying to be a writer today though is the competition. Anybody with a computer and half a brain can write. And they do. I remember one guy at work telling me that he sent some scripts into a place where writer-wannabes could send their ideas for Star Trek (the Next Generation?) episodes. He said that they actually took one or two ideas out of his works and sent him money for them. He was a guy that had great perserverance ... and loved being the center of attention. He could talk for hours on his favorite subject: himself. [That's why some of us dreaded him coming around when we were trying to get work done. He is a smart and clever chap though ... so you liked being around him at first. But it got old fast.

Personally, I would liken my talents to a newspaper columnist's: short lived and kinda cute. Something slightly akin to Erma Bombeck. [Now she's got talent!] When something really peaks my interest, I love to relate it ... but only after some serious creative thinking. I can take about 1 or 2 hours to write some of my longer messages. But I have to be inspired to write because I do it for pleasure ...
... for the pleasure of having a writing forum so easy to access (no stamps to lick or mailpersons to catch),
... for the pleasure of entertaining my parents and family members wherever they may be,
... for the pleasure of informing family members of what goes on over here on the East Coast,
... and just for the sheer pleasure of "publicizing" my creative writing. [Hey, I never said that I am completely without ego.]

So my thanx goes out to all of you kind (and lovingly biased) critics. And also to the people who make all of this possible: the aunt, uncle, and cousin who have kept the wheels of the Rosenose well oiled for years. And especially to James who patiently corrected my "oops'es" and boo-boos. [Once you hit the Enter key, those turkeys are gone!] And Sandra, who made it clear that humor is one of the best medicines in the world.

[Eh gads! One would think I was accepting an Oscar!] ;-) Enough silly banter!

The Literary Leah


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