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Reunion? by Leah Jean
Okay, let me get off my lazy tail end and get started back on the reunion thingee. My hubby just looked over my computer again and said that it is working just fine. [I wanted to completely reload my computer system again ... of course, with Daryl's help ... but now he says it is working fine. Which is good because he can't find the Windows XP discs. Good grief.] So hopefully no old computer virus comes back out to haunt me later.

Yes, I digress. [Ahem.]

Anyway I talked to Dad (Hank) a few weeks ago and he said that he was just hunky-dory with the reunion thingee. Also last thing (I think) that I had said was something about the 2nd weekend after Thanksgiving. Being in Oklahoma and that early in the winter (or are we even into winter by then?) I don't think that we have to worry about particularly freezing or snowy weather. Plus hotels and air travel shouldn't be too busy ... barring conventions.

Sandy, how are you going to be doing by then? Still going thru treatments and not being able to handle company? I'm sure everybody will want to be doling out extra hugs to you so if you can make it, that would be great! It would also be good to have your son in town around that time too. Got to have the RoseNose expert around to get his usual appreciation for keeping this web site alive.

Anybody have any major scheduling issues?

And what? Another Rose child that shows great promise? No! One who is cute, adorable, and shows a quick mind? No! Not in the Rose family?So I guess we need to have Zoeeeeeee there too. Nothing like a proud grandmother (Janell) and a vibrant child to enliven a party. [Okay, the child's parents are pretty cool too.] :)

Haven't heard from you, Jeff, for awhile. I always think about you whenever I have a sink that's dripping or a misfunctioning shower. [He's a master plumber.] I'm such a pathetic individual. :( Okay, I'm thinking about you more now that rumors of a reunion are in the wind.

Guess I'll have to bug Henry and Cindy to find out what they are up to. Got to make sure that Henry isn't off on another one of his quests for the elusive antique. I wonder if that antique of a Porsche he owns is still running, too.

Well, I've done enough writing for one day. Got to make sure the hubby gets around to working on that shower. And I need to get around to washing, ironing, and putting the rest of those curtains back up. [Got our cleaners to have a "windows day" last week.] So I figured I'd better do all the curtains too.

Love ya all!


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