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John Van Woy by Wes
To even imply that we have John Wesley's best interest in our hearts and prayers would only be overstating the obvious. I'm sure that each and every one of us feel so helpless during this period when we have NO power at hand to lessen or alleviate the pain and suffering the family is experiencing 24 hours a day. However, I have felt for a very long time a genuine need to voice my personal feelings toward one of the family members that, like me, happens to be an in-law. That person is John Van Woy. It is very obvious that only Julie understands whether or not John is a "pain in the neck" to live with but I sincerely doubt it. Most of us are aware John recently took the time to accompany Julie to Texas to undertake an extremely painful but very necessary task. To John, this highly-emotional journey was probably perceived as no more than a trip to the grocery store for most of us. That's the kind of man John Van Woy is. He had an agenda and the necessary skills (and desire) to assist in ensuring success. He was merely taking care of important business; supporting and protecting his family in their time of great peril and tremendous need.

During my limited visits with John, I can truly say he is one of the most kind, considerate, caring and interesting people whose company I have had the extreme pleasure to enjoy. He has the ability (genuine at that) to make anyone feel a sense of self-importance. The genuine interest he displays toward everything from your personal comfort to your ideas related to a myriad of subjects is phenominal! I would love to feel that ANYONE could perceive ME as possessing a fraction of the wonderful qualities John displays. He is extremely intelligent yet totally modest, generous without expectation of repayment, kind with no visible agenda, patient with those of us who possess only a miniscule percentage of his wonderful qualities and, he utilizes all these traits with total ease yet with no visible effort.

So John, PLEASE be aware that many of us (ALL I am sure) genuinely appreciate you for what you are and find so much pleasure and comfort in knowing that you are a member of this family. One of my greatest (and very selfish) wishes is that there were more John Van Woys walking the face of this troubled planet.

God bless you (and your wonderful family) and may He grant you the peace you most surely deserve.


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