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Family by Jeffrey Tankersley
James Deming possilbly knows how many times I have looked at this message board, but today I spent a few hours looking back at everyone's thoughts and experiences and decided that procrastination was no longer acceptable. Hello Rose family! I have never been one prone to prose, as is my older sister, but this really seems to be fairly painfree (my first ever electronic missive).

My main interest in the message board was the plight of my dear cousin, John Wesley. What I had perceived as a temporary inconvenience for him and his family has turned into something tragic. As Eileen put it, "don't they know they have a good man there?". I wish there was some way that I could be of help. Julie, you had mentioned writing letters? Since learning of the verdict, my thoughts have been with him and his family. Let's "keep the faith".

On a sunnier note, I really enjoyed visiting with Sandra, Jim, and their growing family, last fall at my parents house in Tulsa. Great fun! And Pat, too!

Speaking of sun, today was the first day out of the last several that wasn't cloudy and cold. It started out at 2 degrees below zero , but the sun came out and warmed things up beautifully. I love where I live, but the long winters are becoming annoying. Is it perfect anywhere?


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