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Leah's note by Judy T.
If you read Leah's note you noticed she mentioned coming home before the holidays because it is so frustrating to travel on that holiday. It is so busy it's no she is planning to come the following week. We will, as a result, probably delay our holiday until then if the rest of the family agrees or they can celebrate twice....what ever you desire....I think I wrote that all wrong...maybe she said a week earlier. yoou can read her note and see for yourself. I don't want to re-write this note....just feeling lazy!

I hope we have the beautiful weather that we have been having. It's been perfect but it can change very rapidly in Oklahoma as we all know. I am really looking foreward to seeing all of you here.
But I'm not going to clean house as I hav done in the past so expect a bit of dust here and there.

LOve you all dearly, Mom Tank


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