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Yo, Bro! by Leah Jean
Jeff, it's good to see another member of the family join in on the Rosenose gossip! And geez, you're not such a bad writer yourself. So how is the weather over there in "upper" Colorado?

We've been getting our 3rd or 4th snow of the winter out here. Not very much trouble though so far. Fortunately it has been too warm for it to stick to the roads today.

There was the one time a few weeks ago where it snowed and sleeted quite a bit. I think it was the same storm that plagued all you mid-Westerns with ice. It was the second time that I've experienced "walking above ground" in my life: the sleet formed a strong layer over the 3-4 inches of snow so it would actually support my weight. It was kind of funny. Especially since I was trying to make holes in the surface by stomping around the yard. Which was a little tricky given the rather slanted dynamics of our yard. But I managed to stay upright. I was making holes so the frozen stuff would hopefully melt faster. [Solid snow kind of reflects sun.] But I did fall once on another day. Should have know there's be ice under the snow in that part of the yard. Amazingly it didn't hurt. [Man, I definitely need to loose some weight!]

Unfortunately a lot of people were having sledding accidents because of the icy surfaces. They would loose control of their sleds because of the slick and fast surface! One young boy and an adult died from such accidents here in Maryland. It was reported that the man ran into the only tree on the side of the hill. Talk about your bad luck! They even showed the hill on the news and they weren't kidding. One young man who was interviewed on the news described another big problem. He said that you would pick up great speed on the ice and then hit a bit of snow and the sled would brake! So if you were laying down head first you went flying off the sled face first! Ugh! A lot of sprained necks and backs.

But then, Jeff, I'm sure you are used to hearing about skiing, snow boarding, snow mobile, etc. accidents all the time up where you live. Isn't it just amazing that some of us make it through life as well as we do? :-)



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