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John Van Woy and Wes by Janell Rose
God Bless You Wes for saying what we all think, but have not expressed. Unfortunately, JR and I live so far away that we have not had the opportunity to get to know John Van Woy very well but we certainly have been impressed with every time we have met. I called before John and Julie made the trip to TX to ask them to stop and stay with us to break up tht long trip - but their trip was too hectic to do so. John told me he was going with Julie and I thought that was truly wonderful of him. Julie has always been so darling and steps up to handle any and everything - but it sure is wonderful to have such wonderful loving support. While we are passing out compliments - Wes, JR and I have to say that we certainly could load accolades your way - you have always been one of my very special people in this terrific family - I will never forget the first time I met you when you drove up to the little house in Christie with our Dear Patricia. Our little dog had just been hit by a car on that busy highway. That first meeting involved you in a very unpleasant task and I don't know what "we women" would have done if you had not been there. You are truly a shining light in this family and many prayers have been said for your health. I just wish JR and I were not so far away and feel so very excluded from other family members.

Jr and I just got back from Six very difficult days in Tahlequah, Dealing with a Terminal Cancer situation is not easy for anyone And we came back totally worn out, At 71 and nearly 81 - we don't have the stamina that we once had to go in and be a house cleaner, cook, nurse and everything else. Jr cleaned out a terribly piled dirty garage and hauled away rubbish while I tried to work on the house. I came back with a really bad virus. One of her Nieces had just had the Flu and I got something, have spent part of 2 days in bed. JR said today, we have been back two days and he still hardly has energy to move. We want to come to Tulsa possibly after middle of April and try to meet with Sybil, Julie and see other family members. It has been way too long since we have been together.

Our Hearts and Prayers are with all the family and of course especially with all the Downs, Van Woy Family. There has to be something that we can do to help John Wesley and we need to find that answer. God Bless all this wonderful family, We Love You, Jr and Janell


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