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Tulsa by Jeff Tankersley
Janell, you said that you would like to visit Tulsa this spring. I would also like to come down to the flatlands this spring, and the latter part of April sounds like a good time to me. I would love to see any of the family that might be in the neighborhood. There are so many in this family that I haven't seen in a long time, and I do miss everyone. What about you, Leah, any chance of coming home for a few days?

Today is our first really beautiful day of spring, with temps in the 60's and clear blue sky. Jodi and I took the dog for a walk around town and on the way home I realized that I had some cleanup to do in the yard. One particularly wet snow we had back in December broke some branches on a large juniper in the front yard, so I was out pruning shrubs and taking down the Christmas lights that "T" had put up in the trees. How come kids are never around for that part of the job?

It is mud season here, so now I have to go wash the dog- bye!


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