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Jeff's visit to Tulsa by Judy Tankersley
Jeff, just let us know when you're coming and we'll arrange to have everyone visit with us. I think Jody already knows that it's hard to get a word in when they're all here just have to speak louder.

It's a beautiful warm day here in Tulsa. If I can generate enough energy I might rake some leaves this afternoon. I still have lots of them left and an empty corner waiting for them. Such fun, but I really enjoy it.

Everyone is in good shape aound here as far as I know. No one complains.

Hank and I went to see Robert Henry in an Edison play a few days ago. He had a minor role but it was fun. He's a great young fellow and we're very proud of him.

I'm sure I should be able o tell you much more interestin things if I could remember them,. but that's all for the moment.

Give our regards to Jodie and T if he's available.

Love to you all, Mom Tank


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