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End of April by Janell Rose
Jeff, we would love to see you and Leah at end of April in Tulsa. Seems like it has been years since the last visit. AND, of course would like to see as many of the Rose Family as possible in one location as it seems impossible for us to get around and visit these days. JR has absolutely decided he is not a "traveler" which I am a little disappointed about because I was shut up in an office for 38 years and thought we would do some traveling after retirement. Well.....dream on.....we do good to get past WalMart and Home Depot. Ha. Have to take that back, with our little antique mall, we do go to Estate Sales that are within 20 - 25 miles of home. And of course to our Mall location.
We are talking about going to Alaska in August because I still have two free tickets from mileage I accrued from my years of travel while working (which were not fun trips.) We have enough mileage to go to Europe but that would NEVER happen. JR is interested in going to Denali and taking the train to Fairbanks. I managed to save my mileage so far but it is going to expire if we don't use next year or two. So - that is a possibility for the summer if we are feeling like doing so. I am to have a knee replacement in June but hope will be in shape by August.

We have spent 11 days in last three weeks in Oklahoma (two trips) dealing with a very difficult health care situation. I wanted to go by Tulsa and JR said after we got through both times with our care giving at Tahlequah and all the work - all he wanted to do was head for home and he was not in shape to visit with anyone, he was afraid his attitude would not be very good for visitation. He wants to just go to Tulsa on a separate trip and no where near Tahlequah. I wish we were not so far away - it has been so hard to run back and forth and I am on the phone continually once we are back home.

We are probably going to have to make more trips to Tahlequah before end of April but we did talk about this today and we would make every effort to come to Tulsa at the end of April. Maybe we could get rooms at a Hotel/Motel near Hank & Judy's. I think Julie said there was a Motel or Hotel near a Cracker Barrel - perhaps we could meet there - certainly, we do not want to take a big group to anyone's home. So - if other Members of the Rose family can make arrangements to meet at end of April - think it would be wonderful to see this Dear Family - it has been way too long since we have had a reunion - perhaps we could make this a Mini-Reunion.
Going to sign off - we went to our Mall today - first time in the entire month of March because of our Oklahoma trips - so JR and I are tired tonight and going to crash. Love to All, JR and Janell


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