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nada mucho (only spanish I remember) by J. Tankersley
Posted by J. Tankersley ( on November 21, 2004 at 18:07:22:

Well, Leah and Janelle, it looks as if this is our private line, so I guess we should take advanage of it! Are we the only ones who have time to use this wonderful service that James provides. Or are we a bit wacky?

Bill, if you read this I would love to hear from you and let us know how you are feeling these days. I miss your notes and other writings. And tell us about mary and the rest of the family. I still listen to the recordings you made for me several years ago and love them. Have you forgotten about them? It's rather sad that we all live so far apart in our golden years and see each other so seldom. It's hard for me to realize Tommy is no longer with us. He was a gem.

Sybil, or Julie, you should make another shopping trip to Tulsa. That's the best reason to get you away from your long working hours for a few hours, and I would love it. Hank won't let me drive any more for fear I won't remember how to come home, so I have to rely on his driving. (In case anyone who reads this doesn't know..I am in the early stages of parkinsons disease., and my memory is somewhat damaged.) But I feel great.

In our church (Hank's church..that is) we fill shoe boxes full of toys and food and ship them over seas to children who need things. Of course, I know that is a way of trying to convert people to our religion, but it is a bit of fun shopping and filling the boxes. You signify whether you want a girl or boy and fill them according to age and sex. Hank and I just finished filling three boxes. He did the shopping and I did the rest.We cover them with pretty Christmas paper and put our address on them. Sometimes someone gets a thank you note in return. It helps you to have a bit more Christmas spirit.

Sandra and Pat, and others , I really miss your correspondence here. I hope you are each healthy and happy and getting ready for the holidays. Cindy, Julia, Bobby, and Julia's best friend will be here. Hank is learning to love cooking and baking. I only have to clean up the mess, but I don't complain one bit!! I LOVE his cooking!!

It's a dreary old day here, so in stead of raking leaves or finding another exciting job outside (you think I'm kidding, don't you, about the exciting job) I'm writing you. I love to rake leaves in the fall. Just think of all that good compost! Another exciting job (one that I don't care too much for) is raking up bags of huge acorns. If I don't rake them up the squirrels bury each one in my flower beds and I have to dig out all the little sprouting oak trees next spring.

Well, I think I've told you everything I know. Let's hear from all of you.

Love to You all and write sometime, even minute details like I have just written. It's good for the soul!!!

Judy Tankersley


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