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Lovely Fall Weather by Janell Rose
A cool front came in this afternoon JR. said we may be through turning on the Air Cond. Temp. dipped to the 60's today and we had a light sprinkle of rain. We hope Stacia, Sandra and Zoe made it back to Pryor/Tulsa without driving in rain. Their trip was sure enjoyable for us and little Zoe is such a delight. I went with Stacia and Zoe Tue afternoon for a little shopping trip at the outlet mall. Zoe is a terrific little shopper. She picks up little clothes - holds up to herself and says, "Look at this."

JR and I have so enjoyed the visits - Just wish these trips were for another reason - but we cherish every moment and believe each trip is a step closer to Sandy's recovery. Mary, Judy, Angie, Clarence and Jeanie came on Monday night and we had a wonderful vist. We had waaaay too much catfish left over from dinner. Judy made terrific cookies and Angie made a fabulous chocolate cake for dessert.

Judy and Hank, we are looking forward to seeing you in December as well as other family members at the reunion. Please let us know what we can do to assist as the time gets closer. Yes, Judy, JR and I are still out here reading all the notes - I just have not been writing on RoseNose - had some cataract surgery and looking forward to picking up my glasses tomorrow. Will tell you that we went to AR last week - first time since 2003, got to Jasper Wed. Evening. Thursday - we drove to Harrison and stopped for Breakfast at McDonald's, JR ask one of the ladies which road to take to Big Flat - so off we went to Big Flat. Spent the only whole day we had driving to Big Flat and back to Jasper. JR said he has made his last "Trip to Bountiful" No more sentimental journeys. The trip was discouraging - every store closed on the one block street, houses boarded up and falling down - we drove out to the little stone park, it was very unkempt, appears no one is taking care of it. We went to the cemetary and walked all over it with JR reading familar names.

The two nights we spent in Jasper, we ate at our little cabin in the woods, too tired to go out and eat from drivng all day - we did go to the OZARK CAFE in Japer before we started driving toward Eureka Springs on Friday Morning. Stopped at little towns along the way and at some yard sales as JR is always looking for old tools for the Mall. The only thing I bought on the Trip were "Salt Cellars" or "Salts" as some people call them. They are very hard to find in our area and certainly not cheap for about a 1" tiny dish.

We had a nice visit with Julie, Sybil and John Henry Friday afternoon - Julie talked with Margaret while we were there and we were excited to learn of the January Cosmo article - I am sure the Rose Family will be purchasing a lot of January magazines and the article should be wonderful exposure for John's cause. Friday evening we stopped in Van Buren about 11:30 P.M. Up Sat. morn. and on the road again - getting home about 5:30 P.M. Sat. Now - I know why JR always says he is not up to a reunion in Eureka Springs. Such a beautiful location AND we drove over 900 miles in the 4 days. The leaves were just beginning to turn in AR, they should be beautiful before Election Day - it was a nice trip - but very tiring.

JR is listening to POLITICS - I need to go wash the dishes - made Soup and a big pan of Cornbread tonight - like Sandra said while she was here - it is time to cook a big pan of beans and cornbread, but I have to go to the store first. Going to pack some items to take to the Mall tomorrow so we can go by when we go get my glasses AND must get a packge in the mail to our Dear Caty over in Conway. Happy Birthday Dear Caty, we sure miss you - but know you are happy at Hendrix.

Best Wishes to all - JR and Janell


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