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Mail by Judy tankersley
Janell, what a wonderful long letter you wrote. I enjoyed it so much. I wish everyone would write like that (including me). We need to have another family gathering one of these days if we can find the energy. I'm getting old and it takes a lot of effort to change my routine, but it is so good to see all our dear family members. Our house is always open for such an event if there is a desire to do so at any time. Just set a date and let us know and we will be honored to have everyone here. Not only would we be honored..we would love don't hesitate.

Days later....for some reason I didn't get to finish this note, but I stil insist that if anyone has a preference for a gathering..speak up. We can make it anytime you wish.

It's a beautiful day here, today, so I may just go outside and have fun working in the yard...well, not too much work.

Judy T.


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