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Leah's Article by Janell Rose
Your right Leah - a very well written article - but I still say you have a real "knack" for writing. Seems to run in the Rose Family. I am currently typing one of John Wesley's stories - when I get through, will send to James to Post on RoseNose. It has a real twist. Best Wishes to All AND hope everyone is enjoying this fabulous Fall weather.

By the way - it would be wonderful if all this "younger generation" could get together. I was just reading Julia Rose posting and thought our Granddaughter - Catherine Rose Hensy (Caty) is in college in AR as well and these young ladies don't know each other. We need to have a family reunion just to introduce this "younger generation." Its not like it used to be when we had teenagers running all over the hill at Christie and wall to wall pallets on the floor at night. Never will forget the night a tent was set up in the yard - full of teenagers supposed to be going to sleep. I think it was Phil Benton that went out in the yard with a loud Turkey Call - scared those young people till they nearly tore up the tent getting out. Fun times and how they are missed. You young ones just don't know what you have missed.


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