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Mini-reunion by Jeff Tankersley
Jodi and I just got back from a week at a friend's house north of Puerto Vallarto, Mexico. It was a really great time to relax on the beach and at the pool. Easter is Mexico's favorite vacation holiday and the beaches were full of Mexican tourists, very few Americans where we
were hanging out. It was nice.
The April 27th date for Tulsa is fine with me. I will probably spend about a week there, and if it is decided to do something at my parents house, then I can help with whatever needs to be done. Jodi is under a lot of pressure at work right now, and so she is not sure what her plans are. We will just have to wait another week or two and see how things are going.
She does support for one of the two current election software companies in Colorado, and right now the state is converting to a new, single company to take over the entire state, and she is helping them with the conversion. The new company wasn't very happy about her trip to Mexico, but it had been planned for awhile.


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