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April 28 by Janell Rose
Thank you James for your help - I will get on the phone today and make a reservation. I hope that hotel will let us have a dog overnight? We do not have a place to leave Andy - could leave him with a Neighbor a day or so but we do have to go back by Tahlequah - will save us another 600 mile trip We have been averaging over 600 miles on every trip with all that needs to be done when we get there.

JR wants to come on Saturday Morning - so I will try to get him started in time to get there shortly after noon. Seems like everytime we get ready to leave for Tahlequah - we get started about 11:00 in the morning as he has to "water the tomatoes" one more time. Talking about Tomatoes - he is out there covering Tomatoes and flowers. He has about 8 tomato plants that are in bloom and one little green tomato. AND this morning we had Snow Flurries just pelting down - in Irving, TX. Could hardly believe it - but several areas showed traces of slow on roofs during the weather reports. It is supposed to be 30 or below tonight. My Grandmother always said "better watch out for that Easter Snap." I talked with Carolyn at Caprock Canyons last night - she said it was 28 to 30 there and all the wild plums were in bloom in the Canyon and probably going to get frozen. They did not have any plums last year because of a late freeze.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone the 28th. Been way too long. HAPPY EASTER TO ALL THIS DEAR FAMILY. Love, Jr. and Janell


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