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Mini-reunion by Leah Jean
I'll be there ... hopefully. Just need to make some plane, car, and hotel reservations. The hubby won't be coming though. He just got back from a few weeks at Las Vegas, the bum! Actually, the 1st week was at a Java (programming language) convention and the 2nd week was for golfing. Unfortunately, the golfing week went kind of bust in the last few days when the temperature dropped into the forties and the wind speed was about the same. Daryl's hard-core golfing buddy flew over to golf with him also. But they had to give up on at least one reservation because of the really bad weather. Daryl also said that the courses were rather crowded so they couldn't get in their usual 2 rounds of golf each day. They said that the sand even got into their ears. Ugh. Daryl also made the mistake of drinking tap water out there. Unfortunately he has a pretty sensative stomach and he got pretty sick again. Let's just say he didn't eat for at least one day. Down in Arizona we golfed with a nice retired married couple one time. She was a nurse and told us that it isn't unusual for people to get sick from drinking water while in another state. Because there is no telling what is in the water pipes your water came through. And one usually only thinks of Mexico when quoting "don't drink the water". Well, it goes for the different locations too in the U.S., I'm afraid.

See some of you in a few more weeks!


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