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Reunion by Sandra
Very glad to see all the action that Jeff started and happy that a mini-reunion is planned. Count me in! I'll be a "birding widow" that week-end and the cat will take care of himself for one night. Wouldn't miss it for the world!

Judy, I think the torch has been passed. It's nice to see the "young ones" make these plans. Does that mean we don't need to do anything and they'll just entertain us? :) Too, this could end up being a "heapa people" at your house on Saturday the 28th, so sure you wouldn't mind? You know we all LOVE to be there with you, Hank and your family. You're just the greatest hosts!

Sybil and James plan to be there. Mary says some of her family wants to be there. Phil and Cheryl hope to come if possible. Patricia? I think she said she would "start thinking about it" on the 27th. :)

Will be watching the board and eager to help where I can.

Love you all,


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