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HAPPY BIRD DAY!!! by Sandra Deming
Dear Wonderful Ones,

Ah, a spurt of postings! So nice to see SOMEONE IS ALIVE OUT THERE!!! :) Actually, with all the political rancor going on for a while, I simply wasn't in the mood to write. Didn't want to get myself in trouble. Isn't it amazing though, the election is over and done and the world is still turning?? Incredible.

Looks like everyone is having their own little Thanksgiving this year. I was open to inviting everyone here, but Julie bought a turkey and Sybil invited us over, so what the heck, we're going to join them - means I won't have to clean house. So, Jim, James, Stacia, Todd and I are driving over to Eureka Springs for the day and really looking forward to the good company.....oh, and the food.
They just do it up so well!

To Everyone: Be careful out there when you are driving. Those randy little bucks are on a tear chasing those little does and they're both trying to escape the hunters. A doe crossed Jim's path on the way to work yesterday, and his pickup bumper is now in the bed of the pickup. He and his commute buddy are fine, didn't even have to change their pants when they got to work, but almost did. When Jim came home last night it was an "eeewwww" to see remains hanging from the front suspension. I noticed this morning the possums, cats or whatever must have had a feast for the truck is licked clean. Oh well, don't they need a Thanksgiving, too? I'm hoping the insurance adjuster comes by today, and we can start the process of collect and repair so I won't have to be without my car for too long. All that Christmas shopping is waiting. :(

Stacia had a serious bout with the gastro system last week. The doctor at first thought it might be Crohn's but the biopsy came back negative. That was such good news, but we are still waiting for further test results and hoping it is a temporary thing and not something chronic. If you have an excess of good vibes, please send them her way. The scare has prompted her to re-think whether or not her stressful job is really worth it.

Janell, I would just love to see your house. Your house is so full of pretty things, and you probably remember the time I told you that "everytime I bent over in your house I seemed to butt into something on my way up". And, I can't imagine you having all your mall things there now. I'm just joking. We all have too much "stuff" and our kids will pay the price someday.....they'll just say "I don't want that old thing, toss it!". Since you've said you're going to get rid of a lot of things, I'd like to come shopping someday. We'll all come and bring a big truck.

Judy, do like I do, just ignore the leaves. Won't be long until it is windy and they'll blow down the street. Unfortunately, I have a neighbor who hasn't kept it secret that she doesn't like to deal with MY leaves. She has reminded me occasionally, and I've been trying so hard to stay ahead of any leaves which might go her direction. I do my own share of "Grrrrs" when the upwind trees start shedding. I keep looking at a stupid maple tree which sheds my direction and remembering the sea of little maples which appeared in my yard this year. Ah, Jim has a nice little chainsaw.......hmmmmm

Leah, bless your little heart! Love to hear from you. Wish I had been able to see you when you were here. Next time around, let me know!

Shari, how are you and Randy doing? You're in my thoughts so often. As difficult as it is, I hope you and Randy's family will have a nice Thanksgiving together. No doubt, we will all have your Dear Dad in our minds. We will always miss him, but he left us with so many warm memories. He still makes me smile and feel good.

My maid is sitting on her duff right now, drinking coffee and eating chocolate. Where does she come off, with so much to do around here. I'll take care of her and talk to you later.




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