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Catchin' up! by Leah Jean

Finally catching up (in other words ... gettin' off my lazy a**) on a few things. I'm now locked into an airline reservation for the Dec 6th reunion with hotel and car accommodations. No backin' out now!

Guess I'd better respond to a few of the ancient msg that were put out eons ago. [Well, anyway my sense of guilt makes me feel like they were.]

Thanks, Janell, for your complement on my writing skills. But I'm afraid they've been languishing a bit lately. Having a motivational problem. [It's called a lazy ..... ]

Someone asked about bringing things to the reunion. I wouldn't bother unless you have a favorite treat you want to share. And bring it in a limited amount, please. Say for a pie, just one; for a pan of brownies, a 12x12 pan only; beer, a case (just kidding!); candy, nothing over a lb.; etc. [I think that I can hear my Dad groaning over the candy limit. But then he usually has so many cookies and candy in reserve in the pantry ....]

The immediate family in resident and others closely related will provide the basic food. Sorry, Pat. No turkeys (and that includes people of that persuasion too). Too much trouble and mess (for either type). :) I'll have to consult with Henry, the family gourmet as to what might be good to order. That barbeque he recommended during my last visit was awfully good ... but maybe a little too messy for a family reunion.

I don't think that we have to worry about lawn chairs or tents this time though, unless the weather turns out awfully good that day. So if the weather is really nice, maybe bring a chair.

Well, that marks a FEW more things off my list of things to do.



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