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Andy by Janell Rose
Jeff, to answer your question - Andy is a Cairn Terrier. We would not want to take him to anyone's house. If the weather is not too hot - we can leave him in the car and go walk him frequently. Perhaps he could visit a back yard but not in the house. He should be all right for one afternoon and evening. He has stayed in the van before - he is very good - but he can get a little rambunctious playing with another dog. I just hope the weather will not be too warm as not safe to leave in a hot car. We would leave him with a Neighbor if we were not going on to Tahlequah for 2 - 3 days. Our Neighbor does lots of traveling for his company and would be concerned leaving Andy with him for 4 days or so. We are looking forward to the Reunion - been way too long since this wonderful family has been together.

JR and I spent part of our Friday evening sitting on cushions on the floor in our Hallway - power off, Sirens screeching. Not fun. I guess you saw our little Tornado episode on the news - it missed us but got way too close. One of our Irving Policemen was killed in an accident during the storm. Very scary evening. Andy was "talking to us" he was quite concerned what JR and I were doing sitting in a dark hallway.


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