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Plans by Leah Laurange
Yeah, I'm coming in on Thursday so I can start helping with things as cleaning up the parents' home. Cindy called me last Thursday (before she called Jeff) since she was not sure what was going on. Of course I made sure to tell her it was all her twin brother's fault for starting this thing. :-) Ain't it just amazing? I'm so proud of my family members. You know, ... I really haven't thought about the fact that Cindy and Jeff are twins in a long time. Guess that happens when everybody lives apart for so long.

Anyway, Jeff, we are starting to get our act together ... albeit a little slow at the starting gate.

All of us "kids" are going to try and make this as painless as possible for our parents. Fortunately Henry is no longer the only person in town so Cindy will be handling some of the planning. In otherwords we will be taking care of cleaning the house, ordering the food, etc., etc., etc. We are planning on lunch at the family home [as previously said, Sat. at 12:00]. But all deserts or snacks are sure welcome from the extended family. If I remember correctly, we were inundated with sweets and delictables the last time. Of course, Dad will probably make up a few dozen cookies and/or cakes. The man sure loves to cook. Geez, and he's not even a Rose. But he married one ... so go figure. :-) Don't worry Janell, we won't expect you to be lugging any delictables from Texas. You will be in transit with dog and hubby. That should be enough for any woman to contend with.

Hey, Cindy, make sure we have a lot of veggies in the catered stuff. I will need it to offset all the sweets Dad will have around. Unfortunately, I will probably still gain a few lbs. though. Or maybe I will just try to get a lot of cleaning done around the house to offset being a pig. Sigh.

See ya all in a few weeks!


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