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Janell Rose by Happy Thanksgiving
Posted by Janell Rose ( on November 24, 2004 at 00:14:55:

New Plans and as much as I hate to see Paul miss Thanksgiving with his Dear Family - I have to say it will be wonderful to share Thanksgiving with the Hensys. Eileen called this morning, said their Dogs were not arriving today, Paul had called his Parents in the Colorado Mountains (they are already at the cabin in a big snow)to advise they were not going to make the trip. Just did not feel like the long drive in bad weather. It is in the 20's at Granby and supposed to be in 30's on Thanksgiving Day. Weather forecast not good for the Panhandle, the thought of driving from TX Panhandle to Granby in bad weather made the decision. Maybe they can make the trip during Spring Break. I know they need and want to spend time in Colorado with Paul's family. I'm sending our Thanksgiving Greetings early to be sure I get them out - I have been going to write Mary and Bill for a week and still not got in the mail. I wrote them two long E-Mail's and lost them on this stupid computer. I was typing on Verizon Web Site and it will not let you stay on long enough to send "epistles" and I haven't gotten back to resending yet with all this moving going on. Pardon - it is not the computer that is stupid. The fact is I have never got the Inlook/Outlook correct since loaded the Window's Patch. Outgoing mail Flys - but Incoming does not come in without help. I found out I can pull it in by going to "Receive" and sit here while it loads every time.

Tomorrow - since was not planning on doing anything for Thanksgiving, I have to go shopping and start helping put Thanksgiving Dinner together for Keller - my part - corn salad, Sweet Potato Casserole and a pecan pie. I'm so glad to be cooking for Dinner - will be so much more fun than the Cracker Barrel.

Sandra, you would not want to see this house - those pretty things for the Mall are in about 30 boxes of all shapes and sizes - wrapped in newspaper or grocery store plastic bags. You wouldn't have to worry about bumping into something getting up - you couldn't bend over in the first place. I have broken out with the Shingles again (had the first time after the heart surgery) Dr. said "Stress" now why would I have stress. Caty and Jaclyn are going to come home with us Thanksgiving evening for the night and they absolutely can not get to a bed - every bit of floor space around all guest beds is loaded with boxes. I have to try and open a trail to the bed tomorrow. They are going to "love" this mess.

Jr has been picking up pecans - he and Andy are battling squirrels. He has about a bushel of pecans, said he will pick out enough tomorrow for me to make a pie. After we get this move mess over with (now after Dec. 1) Jr will shell and we will pick out evenings before Christmas. Between Jr. and Andy in and out of the house - we have about as many leaves inside as out. Eileen was over last week - she said if she had Andy - she would shave him - poor thing. He has curly hair, picks up that blasted fern like leaf that is falling from the Cypress Tree. Plus it has rained 3 days, I have a towel by the back door and wipe his feet everytime he comes through the door. First he ran from me - now he just comes in and stands till I get through. This dog is a real character - we can mention the word "Go," those big "Buffalo" eyes light up, he runs to the front door and looks for his leash on the sideboard. He is antsy when he thinks we are leaving him, so happy when Jr. picks up the leach. He loves to ride in the car. Needless to say - he is really spoiled. This dog takes every step with Jr. When Jr. goes to sleep in his chair - Andy gets on the foot stool and barks at him till he wakes up - he does not want his eyes closed.

Judy, we have never seen so many acorns. Jr. has been sweeping up buckets and you can just hear them pounding the house and car day and night. TV and newspaper has had several articles about the over abundance this year.

Well - Jay Leno is discussing Dan Rather - so guess time for me to wrap up the chatter and again wish a Happy Thanksgiving to All and safe driving to Eureka and elsewhere. Love You All. Jr. and Janell


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