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Tulsa by Janell Rose
Jeff, Cindy, Leah, Henry - this all sounds so Great. Our only concern is making so much work for You and Your family. Please let us know of any way we can help. You mentioned tables and chairs - we have folding chairs that we use Holidays, etc. Since our family has "grown" like everyone else's family - we need extra seating. Of course everyone wants to get in the Living Room at the same time and all talk at once. Our Grandchildren are no longer little children playing in the floor. Our youngest Granddaughter will we 16 next Sunday - very hard to believe. We will toss extra chairs in the van along with Paper and Plastic Tableware - if anyone thinks of anything else - please let us know. (And, I will pack the baked goods in ice chest away from Andy) Please don't work too hard. Leah, Cindy sounds like you are going to be very busy - don't do too much - we want to see you nice and chipper for the reunion. We are really looking forward to seeing everyone. JR and Janell


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