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Plan, plans, and more plans. by Leah Jean
Hey Janell, the idea of bringing a few folding chairs, paper plates, and plastic "silver" wear sounds good to me. I'm not sure what the caterers will bring ... if we have them. [Need to call Cindy to see what she is up to with that.]

Julie, if you want to bring some kind of tent type covering that would be wonderful too. Just make sure that the weather will work that day though. Hate for you to go to all that trouble and then find out it is too much trouble. But I'd imagine you know how to handle that best. It would sure save Jeff the trouble of having to tote one all the way from Colorado.

Man, this planning is kind of a pain with me living in Maryland, Jeff and Jodi in Colorado, and Cindy and Henry residing in Tulsa ... but not accessing this computer site. Sigh. Guess we will just have to rely on communicating the old fashioned way ... by phone.

We're so spoiled.


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