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Family Reunion by Leah Jean
Okay, guess I'd better get moving on reunion stuff some more.

Yes, 11:30 - 12:00 should be a good time to start the shindig at Judy and Hank's place. I have been in contact with my family and we are slowly getting things in place. Henry and I will handle the lunch munchies. We will probably do something kind of eclectic: get a little something from several places. We consider the expert in our household on the good places to eat. Maybe we will do an order from the rib place anyway. Messy or not, it is still good food. If anyone wants to bring desserts, they will be welcomed with open arms and mouths.

And we would like to get something of a head count to get an idea of how many we will be dealing with. Obviously Henry will be coming. Haven't really talked to Cindy yet but hopefully she and her brood (Julie and Bob) will show up. Unfortunately Jeff won't be there because he was just in Tulsa a few weeks ago. Rats! I'll miss seeing him.

One last thing. This WILL be the final family reunion that will be held at my parent's house. I'm just happy that Dad and Mom are willing to do this one more. So this is the time to show up! :)

So be there or be square!


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