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Ange, I goofed!!! by Sandra
I'm sorry, Ange, I accidentally deleted your message when cleaning out some spam. Would you please post it again? I cannot send you an email because somehow you fell off my address book when Jim changed over to another computer. Please send me an email when you have time, so I can re-add you.

Leah, it sounds like you are in a flurry getting ready for the "reunion". Remember to breathe! :) I, for one, wish to thank you and all the Tankersleys for the great times we have had in your home. Your hard work and generosity never went unnoticed. Always loved the happiness and good times there. Judy and Hank, you're just the best hosts, and I thank you for everyone!

Considering the circumstances, I think I'm doing just fine. When days are rough I can always reach out and grab some of those vibes and it makes a difference. Saturday Patricia and I are going to Dallas to "play" with Janell and Junior a few days ahead of my next treatment on Tuesday. The good visits always give the trip a much less heavy feel for which I'm most grateful to Janell and Junior. We have some really sweet visits.

Since I'm usually most affected and am my sickest the weekend after chemo, and the fact that I have to avoid crowds and the possibilities of viruses or colds, I cannot plan to be at the reunion. As much as I would love to see all of you, I'll hope for better days when I can. That can't be too soon, but for now I have to make do. My mind and heart will be there with you.

Happy Thanksgiving! May you and your family feel the mighty blessings and be most thankful, not just on Thanksgiving but every day!

Love you all so much,


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